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Oksana Onopriichuk - the guide of the Chornobyl Zone


Oksana Onopriichuk


  Oksana is a professional guide and philologist, trip leader working in the Exclusion Zone. Expertly acquaints Chernobyl-TOURists with the thirty-kilometer zone, fascinating and accessible provides information about the causes and consequences of the accident at the fourth power unit of the ChNPP, the story of the abandoned Pripyat town and about the fine points of life at the zone of ecological disaster starting from the day of the accident and up till now.
  Having experience in providing first aid at the United States and knowledge of radiation safety standards, Oksana always focuses on strict adherence to the instructions and rules of physical and radiation safety.
  Oksana conducts her tours in English, German and Russian languages, which allows to feel comfortable, free and easy most of the tourists of Western and Eastern Europe, America and Australia.

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  A few words personally from Oksana Onopriichuk:

  After receiving a job offer in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, first I hesitated. But the scale of what happened that fateful spring of 1986, the heroism of liquidators, the fate of thousands of people can't leave anyone indifferent. Having met a large number of liquidators, ChNPP workers, residents of the abandoned settlements, studying books and memories of professionals involved in the events of that spring, having explorde the area with experienced staff, I can firmly say that this is one of the most unusual and interesting jobs on the planet.
  This is an incredible place that everyone should visit! And I am pleased to introduce our Chernobyl tourists to this unique revived world!


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