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About US - Chernobyl-TOUR - safe trips to the Chernobyl zone


    CHERNOBYL-TOUR specializes in organizing high-quality trips to and events (trainings, seminars, conferences) in the Chernobyl Zone - truly an amazing area, situated just one hundred kilometers north of Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, and fenced from the rest of the world.The events in the Chernobyl Zone still have an influence on the course of our civilization. After the explosion of reactor number 4 of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant on 26 April 1986, the area was severely contaminated with radiation, totally depopulated, and was the arena of mitigation works of a fantastic scale. In more than two decades after the mishap, the fauna and flora, freed here from human activities, bloomed and revert back to a natural state.
       An accurate, interesting and safe presentation of the accident at Chernobyl is difficult indeed. In particular, it needs special equipment, solid knowledge of local radiation situation, and a vast expertise in the issues of radiation, atomic energy, medicine, history and other relevant fields. 
       We offer substantial experience in telling the Chernobyl story in a competent and ‘user-friendly’ way. 
       In our trips you will learn the facts about the Chernobyl catastrophe and about other radiation catastrophes and accidents. Moreover, these facts will be correctly interpreted for you by experts, and you will learn about the real effects of radiation and disasters.  
       For your trip you will get an individual dosimeter to carry with you. This accurate, precise, reliable and convenient instrument will provide you with an on-going reading of radiation level and dose, will give an immediate feeling of an invisible radioactive landscape, in which you will be traveling, and warn you about the increase of radiation. The device will become one more organ of your senses, and you will develop a specific ‘feeling of radiation environment’, that you can get only in the Chernobyl Zone.
We will also provide you with a map of the area and a scheme of the trip. It will help you to sort out in the avalanche of your impressions, store them in your mind, and eventually to form an integral picture of the contemporary Zone and the catastrophe. For years to come, these map and scheme will remind you about your trip to the Chernobyl Zone, and help you relate your experiences from the Chernobyl zone to your dearest and nearest.
       The trips, the topics and content are developed by Sergii Mirnyi, a radiation surveillance officer, an active participant in the accident’s mitigation in the Zone in 1986, and a well-known expert in Chernobyl and radiation-ecological catastrophes. He is also regarded as a pro Chernobyl storyteller: his screenplay and documentary novel were awarded at prestigious competitions. 
       By the end of the trip, many of your questions will have been answered, and you will have ample photos and memories to share as you take the story and experience of Chernobyl with you. 

We are located in Kiev, Ukraine. 
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