Отзывы о Chernobyl-TOUR

Burning the roof of ChNPP - chronicle record the phone call

Burning the roof of ChNPP - record phone calls - calls firefighters to extinguish the fire.


Draining the pond of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant

In 2013, he began the process of draining the cooling pond of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Discussion this video >>>


Cooling towers unfinished srade of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant


Pripyat - Maybe


THE MUTATED CATFISH - Chernobyl zone / Pripyat :)

In one of the trips to the Chernobyl zone and the city of Pripyat, were filmed footage as catfish living in the cooling pond ChNPP bitten accompanying Chernobyl-TOUR, tries to pat and feed.



Przewalski's wild horses in Kopachi

Unique video, filmed in village radioactive "Kopacsi." Liquidator and writer Sergei Mirnyi observed the wild horses. In the background - the antenna Duga "Arc-1" (Chernobyl-2).


Installing waste bins in Pripyat town

More and more tourists visit the city of Pripyat. 

Retained because of their garbage, cleanliness and maintenance of the memorial image of Pripyat is a problem.

As a first step to address it "Chernobyl-TOUR" and came to the tour former residents of Pripyat set trash cans in the most visited places in the city.  


Radioactive technique at the burial ground in the Zone

The video, shot at the burial ground of radioactive equipment "Buryakovka".


Radioactive Village Kopacsi

At five km from Chernobyl nuclear power plant is almost completely destroyed village Kopachi. There survived only a few buildings. About one of them - kindergarten - we shot this video.


Class of school № 2 of Pripyat

The video, shot in high school number 2 of Pripyat.