Отзывы о Chernobyl-TOUR

Pripyat as a trap for animals - Series 1, a dog

Pripyat as a trap for animals - Series 1, a dog

  After the accident at Chernobyl nuclear power plant unit 4 people left the future exclusion zone, in which, despite the radiation began to increase animal populations - that risen and the number of species living in it ("biodiversity"), and the number of animals of each species. After 26 years, anyone who had seen the area, the obvious conclusion: people act on nature more depressing than radiation. This is the conclusion and professional zoologists.

  But the man was gone, leaving the building, which may be traps for animals. During a walking tour of Pripyat, we heard a faint whine, more like a dreary dying breath coming from somewhere ... Looked up, saw an apartment building, the balcony ... Silence. Just take a step to go further - as this howl-moan repeated.

  Became clear in an apartment building got lost dog. Doors have many apartments now broken or open, so that within a large house is a real maze for clues that dog logic (or maybe just force) is not enough.

  Dog without food or water drain to a pulp...