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Maidan sightseeing tour, Kiev, Ukraine


Maidan sightseeing tour, Kiev, Ukraine


Maidan walking tour


CHERNOBYL TOUR® offers private tours around Euromaidan - a place, which has been attracting attention of the whole world for many months.

Duration: 1-2 hours
Cost: 50 USD (EURRUBUAH) regardless a group size
Included: English-speaking guide service
Recommendations: comfortable shoes

Route description: We start the walk at the bottom of Khreshatyk Main Street next to Bessarabskyi Market. It’s here the first Lenin statue in Kiev was symbolically toppled down in December 2013 triggering Soviet monument overturn throughout the country.
On entering the fortified Maidan settlement we meet Self-defense patriotic soldiers who resisted the pressure of Berkut (Special police forces) during Euromaidan revolution. Some of them, however, are extreme nationalists of the Right sector. We learn more about their position and aspirations in private talk.
Next, there comes a visit to the occupied Kiev city administrative building, which has been turned to a medical center/ hostel/ canteen/ press center for the protesters.
Surprisingly, Euromaidan has not only elevated the social consciousness of Ukrainian people and overturned the oligarchic political regime – it has also catalyzed social art projects exposed at Khreshatyk Street.
The Independence Square is currently occupied by tents of protesters. So, we peer in some of them to know how their everyday life is going, what troubles them and why they continue the demonstration though a new government was internationally recognized and presidential elections are coming.
The Christmas Tree (the revolution started in December) is still covered with all kinds of social posters and slogans and eloquently expresses the stance of Euromaidan participants.
Finally, we walk along Remembrance Alley full of carnations and give the due to the Sky Hundred: a hundred Ukrainian patriots perished in armed conflicts.