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Radar "Duga-3” doesn’t exist!


Radar "Duga-3” doesn’t exist!

  Radar "Duga-3” in Chernobyl-2 town doesn’t existRadar "Duga-3” in Chernobyl-2 town doesn’t exist

  Recently, the term "Duga-3” has been used on the internet more often, talking about a facility of over-the-horizon radiolocation, which is situated close to Chernobyl-2 town on the territory of Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

  But it is totally incorrect. The facility "Duga-3” has never existed.

  Let’s investigate the nuts and bolts of the question. Originally, the construction of one experimental assembly had been considered and the name of it was simply "Duga”. In the consequence, three more military over-the-horizon stations had to be put up, but the economic situation in the country would not allow to construct everything intended. It was decided to put up two more, not three, military locators.

  Thereby, the construction of the first experimental radar started in 1970 not far from Mykolaiv city (Ukraine) . It was an experimental pattern, (the unit had a cipher: 5H77). The facility was named "Duga” without any subscripts in the form of numbers. "Duga” consisted of two antennas – the transmitting and the receiving ones. The antennas were located 30km away from each other close to Luch and Kalynivka villages. This experimental radar was the first of the three facilities.

  Radar "Duga-3” in Chernobyl-2 town doesn’t existRadar "Duga-3” in Chernobyl-2 town doesn’t exist

  In mid-seventies, two military radars were put up. One of them, the major one, was located close to Chernihiv and Chernobyl towns. The unit received the cipher 5Н32-West. The military assembly was named "Duga-1. It consisted of two military towns - Chernobyl-2 (not far from Chernobyl town and Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant) and Liubech-1 (not far from Chernihiv town). There were two transmitting antennas of the assembly "Duga” in Liubech town and there were two receiving antennas in Chernobyl-2. This military assembly of over-the-horizon radiolocation watched the USA across the northern polar coverage of the planet. Chernobyl "Duga-1 became the second assembly of over-the-horizon radiolocation station in the USSR.

  Simultaneously with the construction of the facility "Duga-1”, the second military radar "Duga-2” was being put up in the far east of the USSR, which became the third in the range. The assembly "Duga-2” also consisted of two military parts with receiving and transmitting antennas. The antennas were located not far from the town Komsomolsk-on-Amur, in Bolshya Kartel and Lian villages. The eastern military radar had to watch launching of ballistic nuclear missiles from the western coastline of the USA across the Pacific Ocean, and also the ballistic missiles which were launched from nuclear submarines.

  Therefore, there were 3 stations of over-the-horizon radiolocation on the territory of the USSR, which were named OHRLS "Duga”, OHRLS "Duga-1”, OHRLS "Duga-2”.

  The radar with the identification "Duga-3” has never existed.


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    Since the end of 2013 each common tour to the Zone along the route Kiev-Pripyat, Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, Chernobyl, Kiev provides visit of Duga-1 and a military camp "Chernobyl-2". An exception may be days when this facility is under the demolition work. But judging from our experience, all the CHERNOBYL TOUR groups have visited this place since the fall of 2013. 
    Also, you can book a private tour with a visit to this object. Details and prices are listed here.