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Oct 30: 1st designers’ brainstorming attack – landing into the Chernobyl Zone “CHERNOBYL => 25”

Chernobyl-TOUR” and Association of graphic designers “4th BLOCK

supported by the National Museum “Chornobyl” (Kyiv, Ukraine),

ECOTEST (TM) - the producer of TERRA dosimeters,  

and “Proektor” magazine for designers (Sankt-Petersburg, Russia)

on October 30, Friday



1st designers’ brainstorming attack

– landing into the Chernobyl Zone




Oct 30: 1st designers’ brainstorming attack – landing into the Chernobyl Zone  “CHERNOBYL => 25”Oct 30: 1st designers’ brainstorming attack – landing into the Chernobyl Zone  “CHERNOBYL => 25”


The objectives: 
1. To immerse the team into “a different reality” of the Ground Zero of the most famous radiation industrial disaster, as it is almost quarter-century after the explosion of the nuclear reactor
2. On the route, to discuss the approaches to and successful solutions of design on Chernobyl, radiation and ecological topics, and generate ideas for the projects for Chernobyl 25thanniversary


The team will be led 
by designers – Chernobyl veterans, founders of the “4th BLOCK” project: 
Oleg Veklenko, graphic designer, President of “4th BLOCK” Museum-gallery and Triennial of Eco-Poster and Graphics, former officer of Chernobyl 25th brigade of radiation-chemical protection (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Sergii Mirnyi, text-designer, writer and expert in Chernobyl and catastrophes’ mitigation, former radiation reconnaissance/surveillance platoon commander of Chernobyl 25th brigade of radiation-chemical protection (Kyiv, Ukraine)

The team will be reinforced by:
Anna Korolevska, Deputy Director on Science of the National Museum “Chornobyl”
Dmitry Kharshak, the founder and chief editor of “Proektor” magazine (Sankt-Petersburg, Russia)

The date: October 30 (Fri), 2009
The next day, Oct 31 Sat, 1 pm – a satellite event:
Special excursion of the trip team members to the National Museum “Chornobyl” (Kyiv, Khorevyi lane 1, Metro “Kontraktova ploshcha”). Pls register to participate

The participation feeUSD80.
In Chernobyl-town there will be a dinner (from clean products; optional, for extra UAH78 (~USD10))

On the route the team will see:
the field camp of the 25th brigade of the radiation-chemical and bacteriological protection;
the Zone checkpoint "Dytjatki";
the abandoned village of Zalissja;
the eliminated village of Kopachi;
concrete-reloading unit (was used to build the Sarcophagus);
the decontaminated Red Forest (located on the trace of the worst – first – release of the radiation immediately after the explosion);
the abandoned city of Pripyat;
the Chornobyl NPP and the Sarcophagus;
the town of Chornobyl (the world’s best monument to the heroes of Chernobyl, and an open-air exhibition of vehicles which took part in the clean-up).
(There can be some changes owing to the weather conditions!)




Your passport data is required to get entry to the Zone.

Send us your passport info (citizenship, full name and family name. date of birth in format DD.MM.YYYY, passport series and number) IN TEXT FORMAT.

Please DO NOT forward scans of your passports – just send the info AS TEXT!


Deadline for submitting the personal data and payment - 10 days prior to the day of the trip. After this date (the submitting the documents to the zone authority) the payment is non-refundable.

Before the departure, you will be requested to sign two documents, which confirm that you won't blame the Chernobyl zone administration and trip organizers for any possible health states, which may or may not occur during the trip or in the future.


We meet from 7.00 to 7.30 a.m. in Kyiv, near Kyiv main railway station. (map)

We depart from Kyiv at 7.30 a.m. SHARP.

In case of your absence at the meeting place at the time of departure the payment for the trip won’t be refunded.

You should have with you your passport. WITHOUT PASSPORT NO ONE WILL BE LET IN THE ZONE!

We will travel by comfortable bus (DVD, condition).

Lunch (or rather dinner) - at approx 6 p.m. (A really hearty and ecologically clean meal. UAH 78 (~$10) per person, paid on the spot; it is not included into the cost of the trip and is optional. Vegetarians should report themselves in the day of the trip in advance)

Arrival to Kiev around 9 pm. (depends on the weather!)


To make your trip comfortable and enjoyable, we advise you to:

- have some sandwiches and bottled water with you to have a bite en route

- be prepared for rain and dew on the grass during the walks on the stops.

An extra pair of socks and really warm clothes won't hurt,.