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People of Chernobyl, veterans liquidators and experts may accompany your group


People of Chernobyl, veterans liquidators and experts may accompany your group


  You can invite famous specialists and liquidators of the Chernobyl disaster as accompanying in your trip to Chernobyl - both scheduled and individual, "private". Emotions and immediate impressions of witnesses and participants of the event, multilateral understanding of the effects of radiation and the invaluable experience of professionals that they bring to your tour, will make it a unique event of your life. You can find below the biographies of these interesting people that actively and successfully cooperate with CHERNOBYL TOUR ®.

Please email your applications for accompanying to the main office.


  Sergii Mirnyi - is a platoon commander of radiation exploring in 1986, he is a well-known writer and screenwriter, a professional ecologist and an expert on radiation disasters. He received the gratitude for being the commander of the Kiev military district for his courage and heroism.
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  His first degree is physical chemistry, his second degree is "Environment: Science and Policy." Sergey Mirnyi was a speaker at many international conferences in Europe, the USA and Japan (including the University of Fukushima), he initiated and organized an interdisciplinary conference "Chernobyl and other: Taming of disasters." In 2009, the Moscow publishing house "New lit. Review " in the prestigious international digest "Trauma: the items " published his generalizing work "Chernobyl as an info-trauma."

  A documentary novel "Living Force" and a fiction novel "CHERNOBYL COMEDY" by Sergey Mirnyi were published in Hungary (2006), in Ukraine (in 2008, 2009, 2010) and in Russia (by the country's largest publisher "ЭКСМО" in 2010, 2011) they were awarded and became bestsellers. A narrative work "WORSE THAN RADIATION" by Sergey Mirnyi won the "Screenplay" contest (Moscow, 1997), his screenplay "The Break" became the laureate of "The Coronation of the word" contest (Kyiv, 2004).


Сергей Мирный
Sergii Mirnyi

  Aleksey Breus was the operator of the main control panel of the 4th block of the Chernobyl NPP in 1986. He is one of those who remained inside the destroyed block after the explosion of the reactor almost for the whole day. The last button on the remote of the 4th block was pressed by him; it happened 14 hours and 20 minutes after the explosion.

  At that time, perhaps, the main task for the operators was to determine the condition of the reactor and at the same time they needed to provide its cooling. That day Aleksey Breus received radiation dose of 120 rem (in the Soviet Union the allowed exposure to radiation of personnel of nuclear power stations was 5 rem per year). He was awarded with the medal "For Valor" for actions on the day of the accident.

  A.Breus came to Chernobyl in 1982 as a graduate engineer and designer of nuclear installations after he had graduated the nuclear department of the Moscow Technical University of Bauman. His teachers were scientists and engineers who had created the Chernobyl reactors.
Due to the large exposure to radiation doctors banned him working with radiation. He received the diploma of the journalist in 1990. Working for more than 20 years in journalism, A.Breus was writing mostly about the problems of Chernobyl.

  Since the late 1990s A.Breus has been actively engaged in painting. Since 2003 he has participated in exhibitions and art projects as part of the art group "Strontium-90" which united artists who are not indifferent to the problems of Chernobyl in 1990. Nowadays A.Breus is one of the leaders of the "Strontium-90" group.


 Алексей Бреус
 Aleksey Breus

Please email your applications for accompanying to the main office.