Отзывы о Chernobyl-TOUR

Inside the ChNPP's Shelter - FULL VERSION

Unique video of the expedition into the SHELTER object (ChNPP Sarcophagus). The frames portray a destroyed reactor of Chernobyl NPP, the Elephant’s Foot, and "Elena” plate. Video archive made by Sergei Koshelev. The author of the video is Alexander Kupnyi.


Chernobyl TOUR - wild horces near Pripyat town

On the road between the Pripyat and Chernobyl NPP we encountered a herd of wild Przewalski's horses.
.. for animals is not so terrible radiation, as important is the absence of Human ..


PRIPYAT - Ghost town tour.

View oт the Pripyat town from the same named river out of the floating dock.  


Wild FOX in the radioactive Chernobyl Zone

Cyclopean cooling towers of unfinished third stage of Chernobyl NPP would have to cool the fifth and sixth nuclear power units ... But this was not to happen. Now this place belongs to small red missis.  Discussion >>>


Аgain collapsed school No. 1 of Pripyat 

Further collapse of buildings in Pripyat. Streams of meltwater washed brick and lead to the destruction of overlap.  Discussion >>>


Emergency situation - Chernobyl-TOUR in any weather

In Ukraine proclaimed a state of emergency. March 24, 2013 held a planned trip to the Chernobyl zone and the city of Pripyat. More >>>


GoPRO on excursions to the Chernobyl exclusion zone


Wasp mutant in radioactive village Kopacsi

  Radiation reconnaissance platoon commanderSergei Mirnyi demonstrates the "mutants", living in the destroyed village of radioactive Kopacsi, located 5 km from Chernobyl.
  In all the years of work in the Chernobyl zone we did not meet any mutant. But we saw a lot of wild animals, which can not be found in the forests of Europe. As practice shows, for Nature is not so terrible radiation, as important is the absence of human.


Pripyat - a town with not sound


Radioactive tank at the burial ground in the Chernobyl zone