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Add a new dimension to your life!

  Kyiv underground tour - group of tourists inside the drain systenKyiv underground tour - group of tourists inside the drain systen


     Over almost a decade of its work, CHORNOBYL TOUR has gained vast expertise in opening unusual and extreme worlds for inquiring inpiduals. This time it is the world located literally beneath your feet – the world of Kyiv underground labyrinths. 

     Drain system "Mykilska (or Nikolskaya)", almost entirely built in 1916, is the oldest part of more than 50-kilometer-long Kiev draining system. It is the best tour to get acquainted with urban subterranean exploration. Torches and our seasoned guides will illuminate your path in the dark, and turn the trip into your personal memorable achievement.

     This guided tour will add a new dimension of the world you live, and make your urban life horizons wider… Or, more precisely, deeper. 

During 2-hour tour you will: 

  • travel almost one kilometer underground
  • enjoy different types of tunnels
  • see the biggest underground waterfall in Kiev
  • discover how ABSOLUTE darkness and silence feel
  • learn a lot about Kiev subterranean world, urban exploration and its post-Soviet variety.

You will be provided with:

  • torches
  • gloves
  • rubber high boots (from Soviet military protective wear set)
  • insurance (a routine for all tourists of our company).

Tips and recommendations: 

  • Don't take massive backpacks with you! (part of the route goes through the tunnels, which are narrow or/and have low-ceiling (1,6 m high))
  • Put on a cap or something on your head!
  • Put on comfortable clothes you are not afraid to make a little dirty. No tuxedo and high heels! :)


1. The tour is NOT RECOMMENDED for those suffering from claustrophobia or obesity. 

2. In case of the tour cancellation on the spot (i.e., at the entry point or underground) no refund is made.



    Group size:           without options, p/p.                  +transfer, p/p.         
12 pers.         23 USD (EURUAH)  26 USD (EURUAH)
11 pers.         23 USD (EURUAH)  26 USD (EURUAH)
10 pers.         23 USD (EURUAH)  27 USD (EURUAH)
9 pers.         23 USD (EURUAH)  27 USD (EURUAH)
8 pers.         23 USD (EURUAH)  28 USD (EURUAH)
7 pers.         23 USD (EURUAH)  29 USD (EURUAH)
6 pers.         28 USD (EURUAH)  34 USD (EURUAH)
5 pers.         28 USD (EURUAH)  35 USD (EURUAH)
4 pers.         34 USD (EURUAH)  42 USD (EURUAH)
3 pers.         34 USD (EURUAH)  45 USD (EURUAH)
2 pers.         34 USD (EURUAH)  51 USD (EURUAH)
1 pers.         67 USD (EURUAH)  102 USD (EURUAH)

In case you order KYIV UNDERGROUND TOUR without transfer, group meeting place is the hall of "Dnipro" metro station.
For booking the tour, please contact our managers.



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