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Informational and logistic aid for journalists, massmedia and bloggers

  Informational and logistic aid for journalists, massmedia and bloggers - CHORNOBYL TOURInformational and logistic aid for journalists, massmedia and bloggers - CHORNOBYL TOUR

  Throughout the years of its work, the CHORNOBYL TOUR® project assembled the team of professionals in different areas, united around the Chornobyl topic – the accident at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant, its consequences and the experience of its liquidation. They are nuclear physicists, ecologists, mitigation workers ("the liquidators”), journalists, photographers and many others.
  The accumulated base of knowledge and experience, including that of the presentation in the media, covers not only the Chornobyl tourism, but the entire range of the topics connected with Chornobyl before and after the accident.

 The media all over the world, e.g. The Times, Forbes, Associated Press, BBC, Discovery, Lonely Planet and many other have used services of CHORNOBYL TOUR® news agency.

The Times, Forbes, Associated Press, BBC, Discovery

 Our specialists:
- provide with the accurate and reliable information about the causes and consequences of the Chornobyl accident, current state and future of the Chornobyl zone,
- suggest accessible for the general public yet at the same time scientifically accurate ways of presentation this information,
- help to most efficiently plan your work in Ukraine, Kiev and Chernobyl zone,
- organize your stay and trips in Ukraine,
- guide you in your trips.

 We will provide you with the consultations required, select interviewers according to your concrete topic, organize meetings with the accident witnesses, its aftermath mitigation participants, the zone self-settlers, experts, working at the Chornobyl zone, nuclear power plant and scientific institutions. In top it, we can develop individual program of your visit to the Chornobyl zone, town of Slavutych, and other places of your interest.


  The CHORNOBYL TOUR research departmentThe CHORNOBYL TOUR research department

The CHORNOBYL TOUR research department

 Specialists of the CHORNOBYL TOUR research department are ready to inform you in depth on the issues of nuclear energy, ecology and environment, radiation dosimetry, medicine, psychology and psychotherapy, history, ethnography, disaster management and cultural issues. This will help you understand some fine points of the problems associated with the Chornobyl accident, nuclear power plant and adjacent affected areas, and make your material authentic, persuasive and interesting – in short, outstanding.

 One of the recent projects of the CHORNOBYL TOUR research department may turn to be particularly useful for your work. It is the first comprehensive and detailed map of the Chornobyl zone (1:100,000, or 1 km in 1 map cm; Certificate of State Intellectual Property Service №63103) in Ukrainian and English languages, with marked boundaries of all internal zones, attractions and other important information. Read more >>>

 Requests to the CHORNOBYL TOUR® news agency and CHORNOBYL TOUR® research department should be directed to the main office contacts.