Отзывы о Chernobyl-TOUR



§ 1. Who Can Become a Zone Guest?

   Any person from any country aged 18 and over at the moment of entering the Zone, without medical contraindications to increased ionizing irradiation – can become a zone guest after a necessary permit is issued.
   The entry and exit to the Zone are conducted through checkpoints, with the visit permit and upon presentation of a passport.  

   Bringing any weapons to the Zone is prohibited.

§ 2. Dry Law

Persons under alcoholic/drug intoxication are not allowed to take a trip to the Zone.
Consuming drugs and alcohol is prohibited during the trip.

§ 3. Ethical Aspects

The Zone appeared due to a tragic event. Many monuments and places in the Zone are directly associated with it. That is why, when visiting monuments and dwellings, villages and Pripyat- town, left by their residents forever in a hurry and horror, one should remember human sufferings and victims, and behave accordingly.  

A contemporary Zone is an interesting place from many points of view. No matter which your personal interest may be, it is important not to bother other people in the group, who may have interests differing from yours.

We understand that visiting the Zone is a big event for you, but try to refrain from taking out your cellphone next to the monument on the Sarcophagus viewing point: "You know, I am taking a stroll now near the Sarcophagus… Yeah, just so…” Or at least walk away (it is allowed on the viewing point) from the monument and the group.  

The Zone guest does not leave any traces of his/her visit to the Zone, no artifacts from the early 21st century in the place left forever in 1986. We take everything with ourselves, in specially provided plastic bags for trash.  

Leaving drawings and signs like "Me guys and me were here”, destruction of and damage to objects in the Zone is IMMEDIATELY PUNISHED, up to the termination of the visit and departure from the Zone. The vandals are entered in a public black list of the Zone with the date and description of violation.  

It is strictly prohibited to take any objects from the Zone. Violation of this requirement is a criminal offence (Article 267-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).  

§ 4. Safety: An Absolute and Total Must

The Zone is a dangerous place, not designed for walks (in the normal understanding of this word). Therefore, it is allowed to move in the Zone:

  • only following established routes
  • only with group leader and/or guide
  • only with the group.

Entering the territory of working enterprises and sensitive sites, taking pictures and filming videos there are allowed only upon the guide’s permit.  

Many buildings in the Zone can collapse at any moment. You can come closer to the buildings and enter them only upon the guides’ permission.

The orders of guides, knowing the Zone and its dangers, are to be followed by the group and each of its participants UNQUESTIONABLY. Non-adherence to instructions, demands or orders of the guides (as well as imprecise and/or delayed following them) can lead to an accident.

Whether we might like it or not, the principle of collective responsibility is applied in the Zone: if one person from the group (hope it doesn’t happen!) is seriously injured, the excursion is to be stopped and the person to be delivered to the hospital. That is why the requirements of guides are strict and are to be followed without any ado. The violator is reprimanded upon first offence, warned upon the second, and after the third one sent back to the bus or the excursion is terminated altogether, for the whole group.  

§ 5. Radiation Precautions

Official Rules for stay in the alienation zone allow wearing only clothes covering most of the body (trousers, long-sleeved shirt or jacket, closed footwear (better on thick sole)).   

PROHIBITED ARE: shorts, short trousers, skirts, open footwear, short sleeves.

The Rules of stay in the Zone prohibit:

  • eating, drinking and smoking in open air;
  • touching buildings, trees, plants;
  • gathering and eating mushrooms, berries, fruit and nuts in forests and gardens of the abandoned settlements
  • sitting on the ground
  • putting photo and video cameras, bags, backpacks and other personal belongings on the ground.

In case of radiation contamination of photo/video equipment and personal belongings, which cannot be decontaminated on checkpoints down to allowed limits, these objects will be confiscated from owners. No claim may be made to the Zone’s administration and trip organizers.